Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Can't Think Of A Title For This

Hey hey hey everybody! Just thought I would check in.....

Live blogging while watching 'College Hill'.....

Terri's weave is HIDEOUS. 

Brandon isn't all that cute but his body is sick.

Milan is kinda fly in a stuck up diva-ish kinda way. (I secretly want to be her)

Kyle is such a queen! I want a gay bestie so bad.

Why is this Terri chick so dramatic? 

And where are her edges?

***Sidebar: my mom got me some yogurt! End sidebar.****

Chris is such a cutie.

GIRLFIGHT!!! Damn..... Milan almost ripped Terri's wack ass tracks out!

Oh no....one of the girls have to go! I don't want either of them to leave.

Damn they voted Terri out! : (

I love Allison's hair.

Recap: I've come to the conclusion that Terri has low self-esteem and Milan's makeup will melt off her face if she's overexposed to the sun. 


Today was a boring ass day....I worked.... came home, tried to clean my room, and caught up on some of my writing. Did I forget to tell you that I'm writing a book? I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I haven't been able to attend any of my dance classes this week because I pulled a muscle in my right leg while running around my block. I put on my toe shoes this morning, and I almost cried. I miss my classes so bad! I'm such a baby..... I'll be fine in a week. 

Ooooh.... I'm tired. Gotta go get my beauty sleep!



P.S. Where is Tima and Nasha? Come back, girls! Young Black Beauty: sending you an email soon. I wanna read your private blog!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Been A While.....

and I'm so sorry for not keeping my blog family updated like I should have.  There's been so much going on in my personal life. My boyfriend and I got back together, and things are going extremely well. I love his ass so much! Words can't describe how much he means to me. Our Valentine's Day was really nice: we worked together the entire day and most of the night and I didn't think he was going to get me a gift, so when I got in his car after we got off, I was surprised to see balloons, candy, a card, and a teddy bear. Everybody say it with me: AAAAAWWWWW!! I was so surprised..... it was a pleasant surprise. He also got me some bomb ass speakers to got with my ipod. So you know what we had to do when we got back to his house, right? Made love all night. It was the best Valentine's Day ever.

Anywhos, my aunt has breast cancer, so I need you guys to pray for her. My uncle V might have it in his lungs again (he had it in '94 and it went in remission in '97 but now the doctors are saying he might have it again) so I need you guys to pray for him as well. 

Guess what? I've gained 6 pounds, and I haven't binged or purged within the past month and a half. I'll be honest, I almost flipped out and lost my shit when I stepped on the scale and saw that I gained weight, but then I realized that I needed to gain weight to truly get over my eating disorders. My boyfriend is happy, he wants me to gain more weight so my butt can get bigger, lol. I've been doing a ton of crunches so none of  the weight goes to my tummy, cuz I gotta get my belly button pierced so I can rock my bikini for the entire summer. 

On to more fun things....

I GOT A MACBOOK!!!! I'm so in love with it already. I have the silver one. It's ssoooo sleek and zexy. Photo Booth is the best invention ever. My boyfriend and I have already made a sex tape on it. Don't worry, after we watched it a couple times, I deleted it. I'm not trying to pull a Kim Kardashian. (Even though she's fine as hell. If I could hook up with one girl it would be her, without a doubt. Her curves are so hot.) 

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, why didn't anyone tell me that her ex Ray-J was doing that show on VH-1? If I had known he was doing that, I would have auditioned for it. Don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend, but I saw the sex tape Ray-J did with Kim Kardashian and um.... can you say LONG DONG SILVER?!? His music may suck, but his peen looks like a baseball bat. 

Moving right along.....

I just some sew-in extentions, and it hurts like hell!!! The braids under my weave are so tight! It hurts so bad. I was so close to taking it down, but I spent too much money getting it done, so I'm just gonna have to ride this one out. 

My birthday is next month on the 17th! I'll be 23. I'm so excited I'm having a girls night to celebrate. It's gonna be the best time ever. 

Get your money straight.....I'm expecting a shitload of presents. 

Peace and Blessings,


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Sade

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