Monday, October 12, 2009

back on track

hey blog fam! ugh... i've so m.i.a.! no excuse. absolutely no excuse.

i had the flu for a week and a half, which sucked, but the best part about it is i lost not 1
not 2

not 3

not 4

not 5

not 6

not 7

not 8

not 9

not 10

not 11

not 12
but 13 pounds!! i can't believe i lost that much weight in a week in a half! i've actually kept it off, which is dope. i'm not on the abc diet anymore, i'm just going to do a water fast for the next three days, and then after that, i'll have 500 calorie days. i'm going to do this for two weeks every month. it's not really that hard to do....i just pick a 100 calorie soup (which is very filling) and then i have water, take my vitamins and eat my fruit. ahh...control...i love it.

my best friends wedding was saturday! she looked so beautiful, and i was so honored that she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. we were running around all crazy for the past three weeks trying to get everything done. it was so worth it. the wedding was a hit!

my mom's birthday is thursday! she's turning 49. i'm going to break her off some cash and a couple cards.

i've started my christmas shopping, and i've already gotten my mom's presents and my sisters. all i have to get is my neices and nephews presents. and a present for my boyfriend, of course.

what's on everyone else's christmas list? let me know in the comments!

to all my pro-ana girls: stay strong! i love you!