Sunday, August 30, 2009

a little bit of an update

hi. i'm still alive.

i haven't really had time to post, and honestly, i'm a little burnt out.

my life has taken on somewhat of a routine:

dance classes.
meetings with a tutor (i'm trying to prepare myself to get back in school).
spending time with the family and the boyfriend.
more work.

good news: i've lost 7 pounds on the abc diet. my legs are getting muscular from the daily workouts and from taking all the dance classes.
bad news: my boyfriend is on to me. i kind of fainted in the shower at his house the other day. i felt so woozy, and everything turned to black. luckily, i came out unscathed. he's noticed my eating habits (or lack thereof) and he's stressing over me. the hardest part is that i'm hiding this from him. i don't want to disappoint him because he was so proud of me when i started therapy.

it's actually easier to hide it from my mom this time around because i'm never at home, and when i am at home she's either sleeping or at work.

once again, i'm really sorry if i've disappointed anyone by relapsing, but i feel this is what's best for me right now. thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments, and i do read ALL the blogs that are on my blogroll, even though i don't always comment on them.

that's all, folks!

peace and blessings,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

just checking in

this is my meal plan for today:
breakfast: water
lunch: tomato soup (30 cals a cup)
dinner: water

i'm also going to the gym after i do my morning run.

(thinforever, this is for you! you know i'm your biggest fan! lol.)

this isn't going to be a super long post....i just wanted to let everybody know that i'm alive. i will be back to posting regularly soon.

i'm sorry if i've let anyone down by relapsing, but i need to do what's best for me.

peace and blessings,