Thursday, August 6, 2009

just checking in

this is my meal plan for today:
breakfast: water
lunch: tomato soup (30 cals a cup)
dinner: water

i'm also going to the gym after i do my morning run.

(thinforever, this is for you! you know i'm your biggest fan! lol.)

this isn't going to be a super long post....i just wanted to let everybody know that i'm alive. i will be back to posting regularly soon.

i'm sorry if i've let anyone down by relapsing, but i need to do what's best for me.

peace and blessings,

20 holla'd back:

xthinforever said...

im glad you posted! i was beginning to wonder if you were okay. and hell yeah on the run! that's awesome :D im so excited for you. keep up the good work honey bunny! <3 maybe throw a fruit or two in your diet plan there. it'll help nourish your body :) they are good for you.

Hard Shell w/ Soft center said...

THanks for checking in & posting. Take care!

☆Reese✮ said...

Glad you checked in..take care of yourself!

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

Get healthy sweetz!! Im happy you posted.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I want you to really take care of yourself. Glad to see that you posted.

Glo said...

Thx for posting.

I do hope you're getting help babe.

I pray you are.

JacqueRoxx said...

No! Please don't do this..that's not healthy at all. Water and soup? How can you survive on that? Maybe some broiled fish and broccoli? Half a cob of corn? Just take it little by little. Keep running though. It's good for you, but only if you eat a little more...

♥ Jacque

Tima And Nasha said...

Glad your ok babez! Take care of yaself

1manview said...

We have choices in life, you have talken a positive one, and sometimes we have to take it, one step at a time..
Good luck to you..

The Black Kat said...

Glad you checked in. Hope things are working out in your favor. Chin up, sis! =o)

The Black Kat said...
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Keli said...

Glad to hear from you...

but not happy to read this post at all. :(

I am praying that you get better!

One day at a time...

We should not live to eat, but you need to eat to live.

echo_dancer said...

just found your blogs and I love them. Its so rare to find another ABG on the blog circuit and finding this blog was awesome,

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

No relapse!... But i feel you... i am waiting for my next semester to hit the gym like i live there.... i forsee and 4 pack.... Lol!

Dope Fiend said...

Love you! you are beautiful.

TheDailey said...

no ma'am im gonna need you to put more food in that body!! maybe you should take meat out of your diet... be vegan

SkinnyBitch said...

you haven't posted in a bit!
hope you're alright.

Caspar608 said...

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kimee said...

omg id die on this diet, lol

Laurence said...

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