Sunday, August 30, 2009

a little bit of an update

hi. i'm still alive.

i haven't really had time to post, and honestly, i'm a little burnt out.

my life has taken on somewhat of a routine:

dance classes.
meetings with a tutor (i'm trying to prepare myself to get back in school).
spending time with the family and the boyfriend.
more work.

good news: i've lost 7 pounds on the abc diet. my legs are getting muscular from the daily workouts and from taking all the dance classes.
bad news: my boyfriend is on to me. i kind of fainted in the shower at his house the other day. i felt so woozy, and everything turned to black. luckily, i came out unscathed. he's noticed my eating habits (or lack thereof) and he's stressing over me. the hardest part is that i'm hiding this from him. i don't want to disappoint him because he was so proud of me when i started therapy.

it's actually easier to hide it from my mom this time around because i'm never at home, and when i am at home she's either sleeping or at work.

once again, i'm really sorry if i've disappointed anyone by relapsing, but i feel this is what's best for me right now. thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments, and i do read ALL the blogs that are on my blogroll, even though i don't always comment on them.

that's all, folks!

peace and blessings,

17 holla'd back:

Melanie! said...

i was wondering where you've been...hope all is well!

Steph said...

Girl you need to eat. you can still lose weight if you eat a healthy diet.

Tima And Nasha said...

Hey sweety don't make me come to your house with some food I want u to eat my dear if u don't want to eat meat become a vegan! You can still be healthy and slim! Stay strong sweety

S.W. said...

You can actually lose MORE weight if you eat and work out. You cant work out without eating because food is your energy. You need a wholeeeee lot of energy with all that stuff your doing lol.

Yeah You did disappear on us.

Media Princess said...

The fact that your acknowledging that your relapse is a problem means you still got hope.

Not gonna tell you what to do, but I'll keep you in my prayers.

Keli said...

Good to hear from you...

not sure what he ABC diet is, not sure I want to know...

When you stop eating, your metabolism stops your body is actually having to work harder.

If you have to hide it from your boyfriend, do you think that's being fair to him?

Praying that when you look in the mirror you're able to see how beautiful you are.

I'm not trying to judge...just concerned. Keep focused on dancing and school! You seem to have a lot of positives going on in your life right now.

Reggie said...

Miss you!!!! You keep doing you, V.C.!!!

Hard Shell w/ Soft center said...

Thanks for checking in the blog fam & stopping by hun!

A.M. said...

glad you're back...saying a prayer for u :)

She Bangz® said...

u cant keep leaving us like that! lol
maybe u should just try an all fruit diet or something like that..

Teems said...

Hey girl. I know you say you are okay but I don't like the relapse and fainting talk. Lmao @ SW though. Glad to see you blogging again. I know once the weather gets colder we will all be back in full affect. ;-)

~SpiFFSter ~ {SFC} said...

I am upset that you relapse!... You need Food, but you will come around! stay safe! PLEASE!

obsessionperfection said...

i knoww its really hard to hide it from my boyfriend too! =[ but good job!!! thanks for following!

Lissa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, dear!
What day of the ABC are you on? You're so lucky your mom won't notice...but I hope everything goes well with your boyfriend.

Lucky said...

i've been MIA as well so don't feel bad :-)

we all support and believe in you girl! so even if you fall off the horse the fact that you got back up is the important part


ZION`OLOGY said...

R.I.P vixenchick

ZION`OLOGY said...