Thursday, February 12, 2009

What The Fuck Does Acting White Mean Anyway?

Why are some black people so ignorant?!? Just because I want to go to school and be educated doesn't mean I'm trying to be white. What do you know, some black people actually DO go to college and WORK!! So fucking what if I'm 22 and I don't have any kids? I'M NOT MARRIED YOU FUCKING LOSER!! Just because you had all 3 of your kids while you were a teenager doesn't mean everyone else has too also. I don't aspire to be 20 years old, unmarried with 3 kids, unemployed, on welfare, BROKE, living in the projects with a loser lazy ass boyfriend. You can't be serious. I'm not a food stamp champ. Why do I have to go to work everyday and struggle with no insurance when there's girls like you who have a bunch of kids so you don't have to work AND get health insurance?!?! It's girls like you who make it hard for girls like me. I wish I could have health insurance. Looks like I'm gonna have to pop a bunch of kids just so I can go to the doctor if I need to. What the fuck are you doing?!? Get up off your ass and get a fucking job. So what if I don't want to stand outside on the goddamn corner all day? What the hell are you doing, counting all the cars that go by? I have more to do to myself than to just stand outside and look stupid. Use that energy to get a fucking job!! Stop saying the N word. People like you make white people think its ok for them to say the N word too. This is why we as a culture can't make positive changes for ourselves. We hold ourselves back. Why are you talking so loud? SHUT UP!!


***disclaimer: Sorry if this offended anyone. I just needed to get this off my chest. I love all my black brothas and sistas, even the ones that piss me off!***