Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Happenings...

Hello world! How you been blog fam? I've been well, and I'm doing a lot better. : )

Working with the ex is a lot easier than I anticipated it would be. He's actually being a little too nice to me. Examples: he's been doing a huge majoritiy of my work for me, he let me listen to my ipod while I was working (which is a major no-no at my place of employment), and basically he's just been kissing my ass. I'm not gonna stop him...I'ma ride that shit the wheels fall off, ya dig?!? LOL!

I went to my first meeting Tuesday night. (Sidenote:Why was I the only black girl at that meeting?) While I was there, I met a 19 yr old named Victoria and we became fast friends. She's 5 ft 4 and she weighs 90 pounds. Oh my gosh, she is so tiny and frail. We talked and she was telling me that she wants to lose 15 more pounds. I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and tell her that everything's gonna be ok. We hit it off like crazy though. I hope the both of us get better. There were so many girls at the meeting that were so skinny! Like there was this tall white girl, and she literally looked like a skeleton, she was so small. Being there made me realize how truly blessed I am and it's really motivating me to get better.

So this is my meal plan for today:

Breakfast: Special K with lowfat skim milk, an apple
Lunch: A bomb-ass salad, lol
Dinner: Steamed broccoli and a turkey sandwich

So far I've made it through breakfast and lunch without throwing up. I did feel a little guilty because I put a teaspoon of sugar in my ceral. Eating is really hard for me and the eating disorders that I have cannot be cured overnite. The thought of gaining too much weight terrifies me. Hopefully dinner will go well and I won't have the urge to puke it all up.

I'm so excited my best friend found the bridesmaids dresses! High-five for bargin shopping! Whatchu know 'bout getting 5 bridesmaids dresses from American Apperal? We found the flowers for the bouquet. My best friend jokes that she should marry me because I'm doing more planning than her future husband is, lol.

Work has been absolutely insane. We just fired a cashier that we just hired like a week ago. OMG homegurl was the biggest Debbie Downer/Negative Nelly EVER. She smells like beer and cat food. I'm so glad she's gone, y'all have no idea. (I'm going to hell for that...)

I will be back sooner than later, I promise.

Peace and Blessings,

P.S. Please show some love for my homegurl, she's having kind of a hard time right now. I love you Lucky! Things will get better, and we will find the loser who got your Blackberry!

22 holla'd back:

KoffeeDyme said...

I was happy to read that you feel motivated to get better.

Girl sounds like your ex knows what he did wrong.. let him continue kissing your ass for that lol...

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

Im glad that you are feeling better and making strides at getting better

p.s. thanks for coming by and visiting my spot.

Mizrepresent said...

Hey gurl, thanks for the love at my spot. Ima be on you like white on rice for now on though, lol! Stay strong, stay committed. lol@ cats and beer, really.

(vixenchick) said...

koffeedyme: mama aint raise no fool! he can keep on kissing my ass like that. i'm not gonna stop him, and that's for damn sure,lol.

cranky: thanx, i feel a whole lot better. i've been lurking on your blog for the longest time, lol! i LOVES it!

mizrepresent: thanx, love. i'm so serious, homegurl really did smell like cat food and beer. i wanted to soak her in a tub full of bleach, lol.

The Black Russian said...

Thank you for the love on my blog.. I commented to u on there... You will get threw this... You are motivated and positive prayers are with u....I really like this blog i had to add u to love the music as well

Jaded said...

Congrats on trying to conquer the demon, I know eating disorders are very often overlooked & misunderstood ESPECIALLY in the black community (where we are encouraged to embrace our (well not mine lol) thickness.

Thanks for commenting. I look forward to reading.

ps. Vixen isn't published anymore right?!?

Sweet KeiKei said...

hey chick thanxx for stopping by the blog.
i also pray that u get better with your eating disorder.

Desy said...

well dear, sounds like you have a good dietary plan that will keep you at a nice healthy weight that will be something you can live with so that's good. I'm definitely keeping you close to my thoughts...

As for the ex situation... even if the wheels fall off, keep propellin that shit cause that's the only way to

yeh! i love wedding success... i'll keep you in mind when im planning my own; have a good week sweet

Ms. Magnificant said...

I'm hope your meetings go well and I'm glad you decided to take the bull by the horns and attend. thanks for stopping by my place and I'll be at yours.

Gangstarr Girl said...

Girl, I love your blog background. And I know all about working with an ex. Ugh. But anyway, I think it's dope that you're getting over the love drama and striving to get better. Keep on doing what you're doing. Plus, you can never go wrong with a food plan especially for breakfast.

Lucky said...

Girl thank you for that shout out! I'm SO glad you're feeling better, I'm sending lots of good vibes your way.

LOL why beer and cat food though?

Karma is a bee-yotch. That's right you better let your loser ex keep bending over backwards to appease you! His loss.

Ma'at said...

Thanks for the love. it's always great to get support from a fellow Music city blogger

dejanae said...

til the wheels fall off is right
ride that
glad ur working towards getting better hon

pink said...

im glad your trying and getting better!!

Gurl yes, make that clown kiss the ground you walk on!! lmao.

Kitty said...

Hey VixenChick,
Sounds like a great start!
Try being the only Black person in the entire building. Girl I feel like the representative for Black America. LOL Thanks for the BR add and I will def return the favor. Great blog!

Soulstress said...

Hey vix...u have a good plan and i'm sendin u waves of encouragement.
I'm studyin counselin & i kno that therapy can truly help. Thx for commentin on my blog:)

Dope Fiend said...

hehehee Milk that asskissing for all its worth girl!

Just want you to know that you are beautiful, inside and out and its good that you are determined to get better.

Stay true to you


Lady Koko said...

she smelt of BEER and CAT food?????? buhahahahahah!!!!!!! OH MA GOSHHHH..UR SUCH A BIAAATTTTTCCCCCCCHHHH!!!!!!! i like that..lololololololo....
UR FRIEND LOST HER BLACKBERRY???????? WHATTTTTTTTTTT??????? i wud be breaking sum heads if that was me....and no it aint gonna be my own...

Keli said...

Good for you for finding the courage to get better...

thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog...I will be back. :)

i.can't.complain. said...

hugs and cyber well wishes 2 u.

like for real.

and im not that big on the spiritual

but i want nothing but good for u, girl

hang in there.

ima check on u here and there


(vixenchick) said...

the black russian: thnax a bunch...i started this as a music blog, but now it's gotten all personal and stuff, lol

jaded: i really wish there were more black role model who are going through i'm going through now...that would help out a lot of young black girls...i saw a bulemic black girl in the latest issue of cosmogirl, so that kinda made me feel like i'm not the only black girl with an eating disorder, lol

they stopped making vibe vixen! :( i cried when i found out it had folded, lol

keikei:thanx, love

desy: thanx. he's still kissing my ass! hey i'll help you plan your wedding! i think it's fun and surprisingly not as stressful as everyone makes it out to be.

ms. magnificant: thanx, boo

gangstarr girl: you worked with an ex, too? was it weird when one of yall moved on? plz let me kno, i need this for the future, lol.

lucky: SLOPPY KISSES to you! the chick must have a lot of litter and miller lites sitting around, lol

ma'at: what part of nashville are you in?

dejanae: thanx boo! a million hugs coming your way!

pink: thanx so much!

kitty: ew the only black person in the building?that must suck.

soultress: yep, therapy is doing so much for first i was like amy winehouse (they tried to make me go to rehab/but i said no, no, no) but then i realized i couldn't get better on my own, lol

dope fiend:thanx so don't know how happy you just made me.i like when people tell me i'm beautiful, lol. i will be back to your blog...i love it.

lady koko:i ate all my food!now gimme some lovin',lol

keli: thanx, hon.

i.cant.complain.: cyber hugs for you as well!

Tima And Nasha said...

I'm glad to see your doing well! Just take it one day at a time and you'll be fine. I'm glad yall was able to find 5 dresses at a bargain!Take a browse through me and Nasha's world she wrote on there she's been busy! Later!